2018 Festival Theme


2018 Italian Festival Theme The 2018 Italian Festival will highlight the undiscovered & captivating Apulia (aka Puglia) region! Surrounded by the Adriatic Sea & Gulf of Taranto, punctuated by stunning coastline & sparkling waters, lush with tropical vegetation & lush agricultural lands, nothing quite matches the unique spirit of this region.  The characteristic conical houses knows a trulli, we look forward to bringing this region to life at St. Anthony’s at this year’s Festival! Learn more about the numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Puglia.


Image & info sources: enchantingitaly.com; summerinitaly.com; wikimedia.org sourced via Google images search

2018 Dates & Times

Sunday, 6/10: 2-10:30PM
Monday-Friday, 6/11-6/15: 5:30-10:30PM
Saturday, 6/16: 2-10:30PM
Sunday, 6/17: 2-8:30PM

2017 Admission Pricing

Admission Pricing:
Ages 14-61: $5/day
Under age 14: FREE (when accompanied by parent/guardian 18 or older)
Over age 61: FREE

8-Day Passes: Available for $12 pre-Festival (at parish office through Friday; 6/9) & for $15 on-site

Visa/MasterCard/Discover/Festival Gift Card accepted

2017 Midway Ride Pricing

2017 Midway Ride Pricing

Advance Ride Tickets
25 tickets for $20

On-Site Pricing
2 tickets for $3
24 tickets for $25
54 tickets for $50

Cash/Visa/MC/Discover/Festival Gift Card accepted

Pet Policy

Only certified & identified assistance or guide animals are permitted on the Festival grounds.  Thank you for your cooperation.

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