2018 Festival Theme


2018 Italian Festival Theme The 2018 Italian Festival will highlight the undiscovered & captivating Puglia region! Surrounded by the Adriatic Sea & Gulf of Taranto, punctuated by stunning coastline & sparkling waters, lush with tropical vegetation & lush agricultural lands, nothing quite matches the unique spirit of this region.  The characteristic conical houses knows a trulli, unique to Puglia, can be found dotting the landscape.  Most abundantly found in the Valle d’Itria,these small beehive-like stone dwellings are nestled among a maze of narrow streets.

For centuries, rampaging armies used this heel of Italy as a convenient motorway en route to richer pickings further afield. 

Almost always ruled by feudal farmers, Puglia’s character today still reflects it’s humble past. However, Puglia is rich in culture and gastronomic delights. This sun bleached region offers a profusion of medieval hilltop towns, olive groves, vineyards and a coastline peppered with interesting towns. It holds enough castles and cathedrals to keep even the most demanding history buffs enthralled. 


Puglia’s favorite son Padre Pio died in 1968 and was canonized 34 yrs later. On the Gargano peninsula, a beautiful church has been built in his honor. The sanctuary of San Giovanni Rotondo has become a pilgrimage destination. Dressed in the brown habit of the Capuchin friars, the kindly San Pio gazes benignly upon the faithful.


The ancient settlement of Alberobello is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Puglia


We look forward to bringing this region to life at St. Anthony’s at this year’s Festival!

Learn more about this region at Italy’s official travel website & the official Puglia regional travel site to learn more about the still largely undiscovered corner of Italy!



Image & info sources: italia.it;enchantingitaly.com; summerinitaly.com; wikimedia.org sourced via Google images search

2019 Dates & Times [subject to change]

Sunday, 6/9: 2-10:30PM
Monday-Friday, 6/10-6/14: 5:30-10:30PM
Saturday, 6/15: 4-10:30PM
Sunday, 6/16: 2-8:30PM

2018 Admission Pricing

Admission Pricing:
Ages 14-61: $5/day
Under age 14: FREE (when accompanied by parent/guardian 18 or older)
Over age 61: FREE

8-Day Passes: Available for $12 pre-Festival (at parish office through Friday; 6/8) & for $15 on-site

Visa/MasterCard/Discover/Festival Gift Card accepted

2018 Midway Ride Pricing

2018 Midway Ride Pricing

Advance Ride Tickets
25 tickets for $20

On-Site Pricing
2 tickets for $3
24 tickets for $25
54 tickets for $50

Cash/Visa/MC/Discover/Festival Gift Card accepted

Pet Policy

Only certified & identified assistance or guide animals are permitted on the Festival grounds.  Thank you for your cooperation.

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