Home Winemakers Competition

**The 2020 Italian Festival Home Winemakers Competition is scheduled for Sunday, 6/7/2020.  Check back soon for more information.**


2019 Italian Festival Home Winemakers Competition Winners

Thank you to all participants and volunteers who made the competition another great success this year!

Category: Red
1st place: Joseph Pedicone (Zinfandel – 2017) scored pts: 114
2nd place: Joseph Giordano (Chianti – 2017) scored pts: 89
3rd place: Alfonso & Lee Simeone (Super Tuscan – 2018) scored pts: 85

Category: White
1st place: Sam Rosauri (Pinot Grigio – 2016) scored pts: 94
2nd place: Candace Michulka (Romeo Muscat – 2017) scored pts: 91
3rd place: Joseph Pedicone (Chardonnay – 2017) scored pts: 88

Category: Cordial
1st place: Diane Stephens (Bailey’s Liquer- 2019) scored pts: 103
2nd place: Lee Simeone (White Sambuca – 2019) scored pts: 101
3rd place: Charlie Messina (Banana Liquer – 2019) scored pts: 94

Category: Limoncello
1st place: James Corrado (Limoncello – 2019) scored pts: 109
** plaque was only awarded to first place winner **

Ninth Annual Homemade Wine Competition – The Robert Torres Award -Best of Show:
Winner: Joseph Pedicone (1st place RED, 3rd place WHITE)



Category:  Red

1st place: Louis Cerreta (Table Blend & Alicante Moscato – 2016)

2nd place: Joseph Pedicone (Pinot Noir – 2016)

3rd place:  Hilma Pedicone (Valpolicella – 2016)


Category:  White

1st place: Alfonse Simeone (Pinot Grigio – 2016)

2nd place: Tom Moretti (Old School Blend – Trebbiano – 2017)

3rd place:  Charles Messina (Spiced Apple Wine – 2016)


Category:  Cordial

1st place:  Angie Simeone (Black Sambucca -2015)

2nd place : Anthony Roca (Fig Cello – 2016)

3rd place:  Jim Bonavita (Hazelnut Extract Liqueur – 2017)


Eighth Annual Homemade Wine Competition – The Robert Torres Award -Best of Show:

Winner:  Alfonse and Angie Simeone (first place in both white and cordial)



2017  Italian Festival Home Winemakers Competition Winners

Congratulations to our winners & thanks to all of who entered the competition, & to our dedicated volunteer competition coordinators!

Category:  Red
1st place: Joseph Pedicone (Montepulciano – 2014)
2nd place: Joseph Pedicone (Valpolicella  – 2014)
3rd place:  Joe Giordano (Sangiovese  2016)

Category:  White
1st place:  Joseph Pedicone (Sauvignon Blanc – 2016)
2nd place: Joseph Pedicone (Pinot Grigio – 2016)
3rd place:  Holly Hanevich (Chardonnay – 2016)

Category:  Cordial
1st place:  Steve Savatelli (Blackberry Liquer – 2017)
2nd place :  Joseph Pedicone (Peach-Apricot Chardonnay fruit wine – 2016)
3rd place:  Matthew Spinelli (CBR Porto-Chocolate Raspberry Port – 2014)

Seventh Annual Homemade Wine Competition – The Robert Torres Award -Best of Show:  
Winner:  Joseph Pedicone



2016 Italian Festival Home Winemakers Competition Winners

Category:  White

1st place:  Holly Hanevich (2015 Chardonnay)

2nd place:  Rick Spradlin (2015 Sauvignon Blanc)

3rd place:  Kay Messina (2012 Spiced Apple Wine)


Category:  Red

1st place:  Ron Kuhn (2015 Malbec)

2nd place:  Ron Kuhn (2015 Pinot Noir)

3rd place:  Joe Giordano (2015 Sangiovese)


Category:  Cordial

1st place:  Kay Messina (2016 Coconut Rum)

2nd place:  Matthew Spinelli (2014 CBR Porto)

3rd place:  Rebecca Margis (2015 Raspberry Wine)


Sixth Annual Homemade Wine Competition – The Robert Torres Award -Best of Show:

Winner:  Ron Kuhn



About the Robert Torres Award:

The Robert Torres award was created in the memory of long time Wilmington Wine Guild member Robert Torres who has passed away almost 2 years ago.  Rob was an excellent wine maker who won the first Best Of Show award at the St. Anthony festival 4 years ago. Rob also had won numerous awards at the Wilmington Vendemmia taking first place more than once. Rob’s connection with the Festival started 6 years ago when Rob was asked to display his wine and explain his wine making craft.  Rob would bring several cases of his homemade wine that he let the patrons of the Festival taste them. Rob was happy to answer any questions concerning how to make homemade wine. For 2 years Rob donated this wine and asked for nothing in return.


2021 Dates

2021 Festival dates will be announced by January 2021

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Ages 14-61: $5/day
Under age 14: FREE (when accompanied by parent/guardian 18 or older)
Over age 61: FREE

8-Day Passes: Available for $12 pre-Festival (at parish office through Friday; 6/7) & for $15 on-site

Visa/MasterCard/Discover/Festival Gift Card accepted

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25 tickets for $20

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