Il Mercato
A state permitting clear perception and understanding; the area that may be seen distinctly or resolved into a clear image.

Il Mercato



Sicilian citrus fruits, lemons and oranges in a ceramic fruit bowl of a classic Sicilian design


Il Mercato, our very own marketplace featuring hand crafted items from Italy; an assortment of ceramics, beautiful biscotti jars, jewelry and Italian made floral scarves.

This year experience the vibrant and richly layered ambience of Sicily. Mori jewelry pendants offer a glimpse of the Moorish influence in Sicilian culture.  Puppets “pupi” from Palermo are a unique and iconic addition to our market this year.

“Sicilian puppet plays were made by and for the people putting into action popular folk lore. The puppets acted out the people’s dilemma between being faithful or not, Christian or pagan, good vs. evil, poor vs. rich. The puppet plays represented a dramatic dialogue offering an interpretation of history that the common man could understand and debate. The marionettes exemplified the hopes, the struggles, the victories and the defeats of their own existence.” [quote reference]


Artisinal Sicilian ceramic magnets, which will be featured at Il Mercato this year


Handcrafted Sicilian puppets, which will be featured at Il Mercato this year




Also new for 2017, a beautiful collection of artisanal jewelry.  Atlantis Fine Jewels uses the purest gold (24k), silver (925) and finest gems. The artists’ styles are the marriage of the Ottoman/Roman Empire traditions and a fresh spirit of the 21st century.  Their aim and ambitions are to keep alive the ancient goldsmithing techniques passed down over centuries by their grandfathers

2018 Dates & Times

Sunday, 6/10: 2-10:30PM
Monday-Friday, 6/11-6/15: 5:30-10:30PM
Saturday, 6/16: 2-10:30PM
Sunday, 6/17: 2-8:30PM

2018 Admission Pricing

Admission Pricing:
Ages 14-61: $5/day
Under age 14: FREE (when accompanied by parent/guardian 18 or older)
Over age 61: FREE

8-Day Passes: Available for $12 pre-Festival (at parish office through Friday; 6/8) & for $15 on-site

Visa/MasterCard/Discover/Festival Gift Card accepted

2017 Midway Ride Pricing

2017 Midway Ride Pricing

Advance Ride Tickets
25 tickets for $20

On-Site Pricing
2 tickets for $3
24 tickets for $25
54 tickets for $50

Cash/Visa/MC/Discover/Festival Gift Card accepted

Pet Policy

Only certified & identified assistance or guide animals are permitted on the Festival grounds.  Thank you for your cooperation.

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