La Piazza

Offering delicious specials at “The Cage”!…check back daily…including homemade gnocchi, chicken marsala, and veal parmigana. La Piazza Penne Pasta, as well as hot or sweet sausage and pepper sandwiches, porkette sandwiches and delicious broccoli rabe. Come join us each bella notte (beautiful night) of the festival at the Wine Bar! Savor vino from a selection of fabulous rossoas, biancos and rosatos from Italy. Prefer a birra alla spina (beer on tap)? Maybe you would like to choose from a selection of cocktails, our very own bevanda di specialita (specialty drink) or Limoncello? Join us and relax, let us serve you while you enjoy the night at the Wine Therapy Bar (La Terapia de Vino)! Be sure to visit the Porch Bar and enjoy beer and Italian water ice-themed drinks. Fabulous selections of Italian pastries, biscotti, cookies, Spinach and Pepperoni Bread, as well as cappuccino and espresso, made fresh daily on the Pastry Porch. Returning this year on the porch: sugar-free options and flavored iced coffees.